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Barb Felix

Barb Felix

Operations Manager

Barb Felix is the Operations Manager of Tocco Financial Services.  She joined TFS in April of 2006 as TFS' first employee.  Since then she has progressively grown and expanded her comprehension of the operational responsibilities in the financial services industry leading her to her current position.

Barb began her career as a Legal Secretary.  She was fortunate enough to work with law firms in Tucson whose attorneys were highly specialized in areas such as collections, domestic relations, real estate, estate planning and business law.  After 15 years, she began a new career in the health care field.  She worked as an Executive Assistant for a CFO and multiple CEOs of Carondelet Health Network from 1989 through 2006.  During those years Barb worked closely with all senior level executives of not only Carondelet, but a vast number of local key business executives and organizations.  She gained an invaluable amount of knowledge in working with these professionals leading to her high level organizational skills and experience.   

In her current position, Barb is responsible for not only the day-to-day operations of TFS, but handles all the marketing, advertising, compliance and client events.

Judy Tocco and Barb met in high school and have been best friends ever since.  Barb is a native of Tucson, has two grown sons and is raising her grandson, Gage.